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Meet our Zipper cases...

Cyber-Crime, ID Theft & just plain old forgetfulness?

NO WORRIES... our Zipper case is "always by your side" & also RFID Protected.

The CaseAhead ZIPPER iPhone case IS ALL THAT... and so much more. That is why we are confident that it will quickly become your favorite "Fashion With Purpose" accessory of 2018.

THE ZIPPER iPHONE CASE is a perfect fit for the smaller Phones ( 6,6s,7,8 ) and comes with a Zippered Pocket that acts as a purse and wallet to securely carry additional personal items anywhere you go.

Our beautifully branded Faux Leather PURSE+WALLET+CASE comes with ample room to fit your iPhone, IDs, Cash, Credit Cards and even a set of keys or other must have items

Included with this case is a Cross-Body, Snake Chain beautifully finished in a silver tone for HANDS-FREE comfort and peace of mind.


This case fits iPhone 6/7/8 Regular ( NOT PLUS sizes ) and comes in Black & Silver depending on inventory so GET YOURS TODAY!

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